Our clients include industrial manufacturers, high end apartment buildings, day care centers, schools, doctors offices and industrial office spaces.

Since 1999 We have a 100% client retention rate, we've never lost a contract, never been replaced, and will work very hard to always maintain customer satisfaction. 

We have well paid employees and our employee moral is why we are successful. Our employees are trained on cleaning, but more importantly trained on customers service. The job is cleaning but our focus is always making sure the client is happy. If the client is always happy then we know the area is well cleaned, sanitized, and ready for business.

At Green Clover Solutions, we work with you to create a cleaning plan that fits your unique needs. We offer a wide array of cleaning solutions and prices. We can create the perfect cleaning plan for your business and offices. 


We are not a typical janitorial service, we're a cleaning company. We clean surfaces, clean light switches, shine your glass and create an office and business environment that reflects your good name!

We want to be your partner, providing your company with a clean area for customers, a clean work space for your employees, which is proven to build moral and increase sales. 

Our Services

Do you want your business to always look professional? Are your bathrooms cleaned and sanitized? Customer waiting rooms and rest rooms cleaned to maintain your good name?  Let our cleaning professionals do the hard work for you, so you can focus on the important things -- or just relax. 


Green Clover Solutions offers a team of bonded and insured cleaning pros.

Quality Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed -- Your Cleaning Company

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